Newsletter – September 2020

September blogs September intelligence and threat report Here is a round up of the news that we saw and tweeted about on our Twitter account during September. It is not surprising that the number of ransomware attacks and data breaches seem to be increasing as we are also seeing a rise in malware attacks on... Continue Reading →

Newsletter – August 2020

Announcements We have added a new Guidance category on Zero Trust concepts (several blogs in preparation). This is a concept that goes beyond the use of VPN's for secure access to corporate resources when working remotely or at home. The general idea is that that the organisation no longer assumes that users, systems or services... Continue Reading →

Newsletter – July 2020

Announcements Monthly newsletters launched This is the inaugural monthly newsletter. For now this is an experiment to see if this is a useful format to provide people with a digest of what has been posted on the site in the last month, noteworthy news stories from around the web and any announcements of new site... Continue Reading →

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