This page will cover a number of diverse topics, that are as relevant when you are just moving around your normal haunts, as to when you are on holiday or away from home on business. Normally when you are away from home, you are distracted, and this is when you can make mistakes that open up you and your devices to privacy and cyber threats.

The following is a list of topics with links to the appropriate blog posts ad articles. Some pages are in progress, so please keep coming back to see what’s new or watch our Twitter feed for updates.

Electronic Payments – We are seeing everywhere ways of just tapping our credit/debit cards and mobile devices to make payments. There are a number of ways you can be compromised and defrauded of your hard earned cash. This blog post will go into a number of attack methods and the precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood of being a victim of fraud.

Nation State Privacy – In this blog I go into a number of privacy issues when traveling other countries, and in particular about a new items at the point I write the blog regarding nation state privacy laws and how you can fall foul of them.

Backup Your Data Before you Travel – When you leave the safety of your home, especially when travelling, your devices can become lost due to theft, damage or just plain and simple malware. The solution is to take a backup before you travel and put it somewhere safe.

Ensuring Your Passwords are Secure – This is the subject of January’s blog post, and I recommend you read this blog post to ensure you have secure and good password management.

Precautions to take with USB Devices. We all use USB based devices, but there are a number of threats that you need to be aware of when receiving USB devices from unknown sources.

Protecting Your Online Privacy – Free, and by definition unsecured, WiFi is a very attractive option when travelling, but there are a number of threats that you need to be aware of to the security of your devices and to privacy. Hotel WiFi is particularly an issue. This blog post goes into the threats related to free WiFi, and how private information can be leaked out to various routers and websites.

Safely Using Free WiFi – When travelling it is very tempting to use Free WiFi in place of expensive cellular data. However, there are dangers to using this service that you need to be aware of, and taking some simple precautions can keep you safe.

Securing your Smartphone/Mobile Device – Our devices hold a treasure-trove of personal information. So, it is important to restrict access to them whenever possible. This guidance provides some advice on how you can secure your mobile devices.

Using Unsupported Equipment and Software – If you are travelling with your devices, and your software/OS is unpatched and/or unsupported, then you may have a problem with embedded vulnerabilities.

Defending Against Malware – The use of appropriate precautions when using your devices to avoid being fooled into loading malware. In this blog post I will look at software from uncontrolled sources as well as ensuring your devices are protected with appropriate AV software as well as some common sense precautions you should be taking all the time.

Work in progress section …

The following sections are being prepared, but we wanted to give you some advance notice of the pages we are proposing to post in the near future.

Encryption and Surveillance – This is related to the online privacy blog, but I will also cover other topics around surveillance on your devices and how encryption can help to secure them.

Virtual Private Networks – There is a lot pf press about securing your privacy by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This blog post will go into the details of how these work and what you have to look out for when using them in certain countries.

Also, take a look at our Glossary of Cyber Security Terms for more help on understanding the topics in this post and other resources that may help in our Resources Library.

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