This page contains links to a number of blog posts and articles that may be of use to you in finding the right kind of help. You can also look at our blog archive directly for Guidance related posts.

Malware 101 – A Pocket Guide – This post is a general round up of the various types of malware that is in circulation today as well as methods by which you can defend yourself against them.

Electronic Payments – we all use credit cards and contact-less payments these days. This blog goes over some of the risks and how to defend yourself.

Securing your Internet of Things – The Internet of Things landscape is exploding, particularly with the introduction of 5G. This blog goes into what the threat landscape is and some steps you can take to secure your IoT devices.

Nation State Privacy – In this blog I go into a number of privacy issues when traveling other countries, and in particular about a new items at the point I write the blog regarding nation state privacy laws and how you can fall foul of them.

Windows Update Changes – This is a roundup of the latest news (as of posting on 20 July 2019) around changes to the update process on Windows 10.

Encrypted Website Lookup – Domain name Lookup is a service that resolves a typical web address into a machine readable format. This blog explains what Encrypted DNS is, what the benefits are in using it and some means by which you can use it today (as of writing).

Email Tracking – Email can be tracked using very simple means. This guidance provides some strategies to help defend yourself.

Guidance on Combatting Malware – This is a series of blogs (and associated blogs) on raising awareness of Malware, how to avoid it and ways to combat its effects.

Backing Up your Data – If you were to lose your device, could you recover the valuable data that lives on it? This post goes into the importance of taking backups and some strategies around establishing a good backup policy.

The Dangers of using Unsupported Hardware an Software – We all need to make sure our devices are fully updated, both with security and feature updates as well as app updates.

Guidance on Effective Use of Passwords – We all need to maintain our passwords, and with increasing number of data breaches happening, this is becoming more of an issue. This blog post covers a number of actions you can do to secure your online identify and in particular how to secure your passwords. You can also take a look at our post on ‘Bot Based Credential Stuffing‘, which is a form of cyber attack.

Guidance on Preventing Credential Stuffing Attacks – This is where a cyber attacker will attempt to gain access to a computer system (e.g. your favourite shopping website) using information often gained in data breaches.

Managing and Stopping Spam – We all receive unsolicited emails ad IM’s. This guidance provides a number of tips to help you combat this problem and make your online experience productive.

Precautions to take when Travelling – This page is a collection of blogs produced on this site that provide advice for when you are out and about or away from home.

Precautions to take with USB Devices. We all use USB based devices, but there are a number of threats that you need to be aware of when receiving USB devices from unknown sources.

Protecting your Online Privacy – When we browse the internet, we leave breadcrumbs of our activity. This blog post explains the issue around privacy and how you can protect yourself.

Securing your Smartphone/Mobile Device – Our devices hold a treasure-trove of personal information. So, it is important to restrict access to them whenever possible. This guidance provides some advice on how you can secure your mobile devices.

Using Free and Public WiFi – We all use public WiFi, but did you know there are multiple threats that you need to be aware of. This blog post goes into how to protect yourself when using free WiFi.

You can also look at our Resources page for more help and our Glossaries if you don’t understand something.

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