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Miscellaneous Guidance

The following are articles on a number of subjects that don;t easily fit into the above categories:

Using Cloud Services Safely – Whether or not you realise it, we all use the cloud for something in our daily lives. In this blog I want to explain in simple terms what ‘The Cloud’ is and how you can apply some simple safeguards to secure your use of it.

The Dangers of using Unsupported Hardware an Software – We all need to make sure our devices are fully updated, both with security and feature updates as well as app updates.

Precautions to take with USB Devices. We all use USB based devices, but there are a number of threats that you need to be aware of when receiving USB devices from unknown sources.

Backing Up your Data – If you were to lose your device, could you recover the valuable data that lives on it? This post goes into the importance of taking backups and some strategies around establishing a good backup policy.

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