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This is a set of articles where I explain what I use in my IT setup. This is very much a work in progress.

What I Use – Backups

We have blogged extensively on how and why you should backup your data. However, as we have all gone to a more remote working scenario due to current events, it is even more important to ensure your valuable data is backed up. During the pandemic we have seen an increase in cyber attacks, and in… Continue Reading →

What I Use – My Home Office Setup v2.0

Back in March 2020 I posted a blog showing how I had set up my home office. Since then I have upgraded a few components and thought I would update this blog. In my previous post on my home office setup I commented that the headline picture showed a desktop that was way too tidy… Continue Reading →

UK Covid19 Track & Trace App on Android – Update

The UK Government for England and Wales Coronavirus contact tracing app went live on 24 September 2020. I have been using this app since and monitoring its performance as well as comments from users on the Android Play Store. Permissions On the Google Play Store, the following are the permissions that need to be enabled to… Continue Reading →

UK Covid19 Contact Tracing Apps Go Live

This is an update to our earlier blog “New UK Coronavirus Test & Trace App in Trial“. On 12 September 2020 the UK Government for England and Wales announced that their Coronavirus contact tracing app will go live on 24 September 2020. The devolved government in Wales will also use the same app. The UK App… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Research by Kings College London

A study is being run by researchers at King’s College London into how the symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus develop and what this can tell us regarding how the virus attacks the body, vulnerable groups and how it spreads to quote a few of the outcomes.  You can read up about the study here.  One… Continue Reading →

What I Use – My Home Office Setup (v1.0)

Update: An updated blog post was posted on 16 January 2021 – see is here. Update: The headline picture is not my home office setup – in the picture it is far too tidy! Last week I blogged about how to work from home securely and productively. The thing that was missing from that blog… Continue Reading →

Headline Image provided by Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

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