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These are general guidance articles that cover the subject as and overview and not depth. Each article will have links to more in depth articles.

Purchasing Services Online – A Pocket Guide

How many times have you been browsing a service online that requires a subscription to continue viewing? I can name quite a few: Netflix Microsoft Office/365 Spotify Amazon Prime Google’s YouTube Premium. Online Services Most online services, like the above, will offer a trial period for free and then expect you to sign-up to a… Continue Reading →

Keeping Safe Online – A Pocket Guide

Being online these days, especially in the current environment when so many people are working from home and outside the protection of the company network, we all need to be extra vigilant that we don’t click on a link to malware. This blog is going to go through a number of tips to keep you… Continue Reading →

Securing your Internet Router – A Pocket Guide

Your connection to the Internet is the most vulnerable part of your online existence. It is on the edge of your network and is the front facing interface to all the major cyber threats. In particular the following common threats exist and take advantage of badly configured routers: Default settings passwords allowing someone to hack… Continue Reading →

Using Wearable Technology Safely – A Pocket Guide

We all like our gadgets, whether they have some form of smart technology in them or not. Wearable technology is also very popular. What is wearable technology? Wearable technology is simply a technology, or device, that you can attach to your body. This can be: Smart Watches, including the non-smart kind Fitness Trackers GPS Trackers… Continue Reading →

The TOR Network – A Pocket Guide

HEALTH WARNING … This is not a subject I recommend to novices and the following is provided to explain what the TOR network is and the implications of using it. It is not a recommendation to use this network. What is the TOR Network? TOR stands for ‘The Onion Router’ and was setup by the… Continue Reading →

The Surface, Dark and Deep Web – A Pocket Guide

When we talk about malware, and their related command and control systems (the services/websites that deliver the components of the malware), we often state they are hosted on the dark web. It occurred to me that a lot of people don’t really know about the different layers to the Internet and part of the message… Continue Reading →

Scams and Fraud 101 – A Pocket Guide

This blog is another in our series of Pock Guides. As we are approaching Christmas and New Year, we are all out for a bargain. This is a time when criminals will tempt you into buying something that looks too good to believe, but in your haste to get the cheapest price on something you… Continue Reading →

Combating Social Engineering 101 – A Pocket Guide

Social Engineering is a form of cyber attack where the physiological manipulation of people to trick them into divulging confidential information that can be used to hack into websites and other computing resources. There are various forms of social engineering: Baiting Impersonating Pharming Phishing Smishing Spear Fishing Tailgating Vishing Water Holing Website Cloning Whaling. Lets… Continue Reading →

Cyber Attacks 101 – A Pocket Guide

A Cyber attack is any attempt to expose, alter, disable, destroy, steal or gain unauthorized access to, or make unauthorized use of, a computer system. This can be anything from big servers to your smartphone and anything in between. There are various forms of Cyber Attack. The following list are just examples: Brute Force Attack/Dictionary… Continue Reading →

Malware 101 – A Pocket Guide

This post is a general round up of the various types of malware that is in circulation today. Typical types of malware are: Backdoors File-less Malware Key Loggers Ransom Ware Root Kits Trojan Horses Viruses Wipers Worms. This can also include social engineering methods, which are often used to get the first foothold in installing… Continue Reading →

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