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The following are a set of book reviews from the many I have read on Cyber Security and Privacy. We won’t recommend a book unless we have read it and agree with its basic premise.

This is an ongoing project as we are forever reading books on this subject. As we finish them we will post a review here.

Cyber Security & Privacy

Book Review – No Place to Hide

In 2013, Glen Greenwald was contacted by Edward Snowden about publishing some classified documents relating to NSA surveillance. These turned out to be the massive leak of classified documents relating to the mass surveillance activities on the NSA and the wider international intelligence community. The book starts by describing the methods around how Greenwald was… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Permanent Record

This book should be required reading for every child and adult on the planet. I remember the original revelations in 2013 when the Snowden story broke. At the time the coverage was highly critical of his motivations and labelled him with a number of accusations. This book sets the record straight as to what motivated… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Perfect Weapon

This is the book that for me lifted the lid on on cyber warfare. It starts out with the very first known cyber weapon – the Stuxnet Worm and quickly moves up to modern times and how cyber threats have emerged as a fifth sphere of warfare (Land, Air and Sea being the traditional ones… Continue Reading →

General Technology

Book Review – I Woz

Steve Wozniak was the co-founder of Apple, but arguably one of the most notable engineers responsible for kickstarting the modern PC era. Steve Wozniac grew up in Silicon Valley (before it was called that). From an early age was interested in electronics and with the help of his father (an electronics engineer himself) built a… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Paul Allen Idea Man

Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates. This book is an autobiography of his life both before meeting Bill Gates, during the Microsoft days and after he left to follow other pursuits. He was born in 1953 and was two years older than Bill Gates. As this is written by Paul Allen… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Steve Jobs

This book was written by Walter Isacson with the full cooperation of everyone at Apple (at the time) as well as full access to Steve Jobs and his family. It was published shortly after Steve Jobs death in 2011. It is a full account of Steve Jobs life, from his early days at school and… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Gates

This book is the perfect counter to Walter Isaccson’s bio of Steve Jobs, giving a different perspective of the birth of modern computing. This is very in depth account of the earlier life of Bill Gates and the events that lead to the formation of Microsoft with his co-founder Paul Allen. This book was researched… Continue Reading →

Science and Technology Fiction

Book Review – Digital Fortress

As with any book featuring technology, reading it 20+ years after it was written things are going to feel a little dated. But get past that and the story premise is quite interesting. This is Dan browns first book, so some latitude is allowed when comparing to his more recent books. The story line was… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Angels & Demons

I have seen the film adaption of Dan Browns book several times. This book is different to the film adaption, so knowing the film isn’t going to detract from enjoying this story. The main steps in the book are followed in the film adaption, but there are some interesting twists that were not included in… Continue Reading →

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