Book Review – No Place to Hide

In 2013, Glen Greenwald was contacted by Edward Snowden about publishing some classified documents relating to NSA surveillance. These turned out to be the massive leak of classified documents relating to the mass surveillance activities on the NSA and the wider international intelligence community. The book starts by describing the methods around how Greenwald was... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Permanent Record

This book should be required reading for every child and adult on the planet. I remember the original revelations in 2013 when the Snowden story broke. At the time the coverage was highly critical of his motivations and labelled him with a number of accusations. This book sets the record straight as to what motivated... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Perfect Weapon

This is the book that for me lifted the lid on on cyber warfare. It starts out with the very first known cyber weapon – the Stuxnet Worm and quickly moves up to modern times and how cyber threats have emerged as a fifth sphere of warfare (Land, Air and Sea being the traditional ones... Continue Reading →

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