Site News & Updates for 2021

This page will be used to record any major changes to this site and link to any subsequent press releases. We are always posting new blogs and updating existing pages, which will not get reported on this news page. However keep coming back and hopefully there will be new content every time you do. If you would like us to produce a blog, or other content, on a particular subject please let us know via the contact form.

2021 Updates


No major updates.

Press Release on the Site Redevelopment and Rebranding happening in 2022.

July – November

No major updates.


Blogs and Glossary updates.


No major updates during May


We have been taking a break from blogging – these subjects take a lot of researching and we do have our day jobs to worry about too. This month we have added a new subsection to our Book Reviews pages to include Science/Technology Fiction.


All the usual updates on our blogs and guidance sections. In addition:


All the usual updates to our blogs and guidance sections. Removed the Twitter feed from the sidebar on some pages and added links to recent posts.


All the usual updates to our blogs and guidance sections.

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