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This page will be used to record any major changes to this site and link to any subsequent press releases. We are always posting new blogs and updating existing pages, which will not get reported on this news page. However keep coming back and hopefully there will be new content every time you do. If you would like us to produce a blog, or other content, on a particular subject please let us know via the contact form.

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2020 Updates


All the usual updates on our blogs and guidance sections.

New section created to document ‘What I Use‘ as guidance for your personal hardware, software and services selection. This section has started with a single post, but will be expanded in the coming months.


All the usual updates on our blogs and guidance sections including:

The request to post your comments on our website is optional and is in no way a demand that you give permission. If you subsequently change your mind you can contact us to have the comments taken down.

It is taking longer than we anticipated to compile the relevant content and arrange for publishing for the eBooks feature. As our thinking has changed significantly since we posted our ‘beta’ of this feature in November 2019, we thought it was better to temporarily remove the feature. This feature will be coming back when it is ready. If you have downloaded the initial eBook, please let us know what you thought of it by using our contact form.


All the usual updates on our blogs and guidance sections.

We have also introduced changes as follows:

  • Added our Twitter timeline to the side bar of the Site News & Updates page.
  • Introduced the Site News Archive page off our Site News and Updates page (see bottom of this page for links), which is where you will see all the updates for previous years.
  • A new Guidance section on Combating Social Engineering.
  • Re-organized our ‘About the Site‘ menu and pages to introduce a new Policies page that will group together a list of the policies that govern the use and production of this site.
  • Each policy now states the date it was last updated.

Site News Archives: 2019 , 2018.

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