This page will be used to record any major changes to this site and link to any subsequent press releases. We are always posting new blogs and updating existing pages, which will not get reported on this news page. However keep coming back and hopefully there will be new content every time you do. If you would like us to produce a blog, or other content, on a particular subject please let us know via the contact form.

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2019 Updates


No major feature updates so far this month. We have made some housekeeping updates as follows:


We noticed that our guidance pages were getting hard to navigate. As a result we have started to re-organise our guidance articles into categories which will hopefully make it easier to navigate and obtain the guidance you are looking for. We have also normalised the layout of each category. This will be updated and enhanced in future months as this area expands.

Other updates include:

  • Some reformatting of our Resource Library Page (it was starting to look tired)
  • Reformatted the Travel Advice Guidance page
  • Updates to our contact form and now added to our main site menu
  • We have added a Copyright Statement in our About section
  • Changes to our page footer:
    • Moved our Twitter link
    • Removed some fluff about copyright – please now refer to our full copyright statement under the About section
    • Replaced the blog calendar with a list of blog categories, which we hope will help to find the information you require
    • Added a quick links menu
  • All the usual updates to our blogs and guidance sections.


All the usual updates on our blogs and guidance sections.


No major new features this month, but we have added the following updates in addition to a number of new blogs on privacy related subjects:


Added the following new features and updates:


Added the following new features:

  • Under the ‘Latest Blogs’ menu, we have now added specific menu items for the various categories of blog we post. Also, keep looking at the Latest Blogs page for more updates.
  • Added a list of the up and coming blog posts in production to the ‘Latest Blogs‘ page – please let us know if you want a particular subject posted and we will prioritise it.
  • Restructuring of the About menu and some of the content.
  • Guidance section updated with recent guidance posts.
  • Experimenting with Polls (not proving popular so far).


Added the following pages to the Resources Library:

  • Guidance Section – this is a central place to go to find relevant advice on a number of subjects related to cyber security and privacy.
  • Glossaries Section – This groups together all the glossaries we have added to the site in order to help demystify the technology and Cyber Security profession.
  • Glossary of IT and Cyber Security Abbreviations – a list of abbreviations used frequently in relation to Cyber Security.

Other notable changes:

  • Registered the custom domain All pages will now show this URL. Also customised the Advanced Mobile Pages design. We have also registered the equivalent domain which will redirect to our ‘’ URL.
  • Updated the site identity with a custom built logo.
  • Added our Twitter timeline in a sidebar on the Latest Blogs page, which has also been renamed and indexed directly from the top menu.

January – March: Added the Resources section to the site. This is a place where we will be posting various pages that provide self-help information. The inaugural page is a Glossary of Cyber Security Terms. We have also updated the page footers to add a blog calendar and links to our Twitter feed.

2018 Updates

December: The site was launched with the inaugural post of a Review of Cyber Security in 2018.

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