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Where non-original material is included in our posts and pages, an external reference to the resource on the Internet will be provided, or a citation added at the end of the page.

Many images included in our site are sourced from either free or commercial image libraries. While in most cases we are not required to provide a credit for the producer, it is our policy to do so on the main page using the image. All original images are copyright ourselves.

Handling of Disputes

If you believe we have infringed your copyright, patent, misquoted your reference or any other dispute you may have, please contact us using our contact form and we will address your concern. In any event, please contact us first before you contact your lawyers as these issues can often be resolved quickly with a simple edit and/or retraction which will normally be addressed within 10 working days of receipt.

In cases where copyright/patent infringements can be proven, we will provide an option to:

  • remove the post
  • post alternative wording/updates that you may provide at your discretion or in agreement with yourselves
  • post a retraction prominently on the website.

In cases where it can be proven that your privacy has been infringed, or contravenes our own privacy policy, we will remove the post and offer post a retraction prominently on our website.

In all cases, and at our discretion, we will offer to remove the post while any dispute is resolved.

Other Policies

Please also review our:

For more information on copyright, please visit the UK Government Copyright Information Pages.

This policy will be updated from time to time, and the last update was on in September 2019.

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