In this section you can find details about the authors of this site and various administration pages as follows:

This website (and the associated Twitter account) has been established with the objective of broadening awareness of Cyber Security and Online Privacy across the board. 

This site is not a news site (there are plenty of these that will do a much better job than we can since we are not journalists), although we will blog occasionally about current issues in the news and in particular where these add to our guidance pages. Our Twitter account will be where we will post various topics of the day and re-tweet any newsworthy articles from the technical press. This should be the first place you go for breaking information and our own opinions on current new stories. 

This site will be where we post more extensive articles on various subjects in Cyber Security and Online Privacy. It is hoped that over time it will become a reference source for both consumers and professionals. 

With the environment we currently live in where we use technology as an integral part of our daily lives, everyone has to have at least basic awareness of what they are doing when they use technology and how they can be compromised.

For the moment this website and Twitter account are not for profit, however this may change in the future.

The content of this website is provided as-is with no implied warranties or guarantees. If anything we have posted is inaccurate, or infringes your copyright or patent, please inform us immediately via the contact form and we will correct/remove any such references or the full post, whichever is appropriate, within 14 days of notification.

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