Book Review – Angels & Demons

I have seen the film adaption of Dan Browns book several times. This book is different to the film adaption, so knowing the film isn’t going to detract from enjoying this story. The main steps in the book are followed in the film adaption, but there are some interesting twists that were not included in the film.

The story does go into a lot of the age old issues between religion and science, as you would expect. However some of the back story regarding the march of technology and science against the broader ethical standards that should be applied are brought out. Without giving away too many spoilers, chapter 94 is one to read many times over. It genuinely made me think about how technology has taken over our lives and the more interpersonal interactions seem to be lost when we are continually buried in our phone screens.

On the more up to date picture, we are currently going through ethical discussions of our use of AI with various notable people voicing concerns (e.g. Elon Musk, the late Stephen Hawking to name a few). The issue at hand is that if this gets to the point of a general AI that can out-think humans, then our days are numbered. This is unlikely until we can ramp up processing power, but with the development of quantum computers and there potential to increase processing speeds measured in multiples of orders of magnitude, I must begin to worry this may come true. Once it has, it will be too late. Terminator here we come.

Back to the book. The religious/technology content aside, Dan Brown keeps the story moving at a reasonable pace and with enough twists in the plot to keep you guessing. I had the advantage of knowing the basic premise of the story from the film, but there were still several surprises.

I am currently working my way through Dan Browns books. Starting out of order with Angels and Demons, I have now gone back to the beginning and reading the books in publication order.

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