Book Review – Paul Allen Idea Man

Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates. This book is an autobiography of his life both before meeting Bill Gates, during the Microsoft days and after he left to follow other pursuits. He was born in 1953 and was two years older than Bill Gates.

As this is written by Paul Allen I think you can guarantee it is an accurate account of the events surrounding the Microsoft years. It is also a very good account of how Microsoft was created and a lot of the politics around the various products that happened in Paul Allen’s later years at the company. It is also a good counterpoint to Bill Gates biography that sees the events around Bill Gates trying to side-line Paul Allen in his latter days at the company.

The book also goes into his life after Microsoft and the various ventures in managing a baseball team, interest in creating what would become the Internet and various other interests.

There are a number of books you need to read to get a good balanced account of the early PC era:

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