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Steve Wozniak was the co-founder of Apple, but arguably one of the most notable engineers responsible for kickstarting the modern PC era.

Steve Wozniac grew up in Silicon Valley (before it was called that). From an early age was interested in electronics and with the help of his father (an electronics engineer himself) built a number of devices that won local school science fairs. Skipping forward a number of years, he knew Steve Jobs at school, although Jobs was a few years earlier than him. Skipping further forward he built the original Apple computer as a kit, which was targeted at the time towards hobbyists. However, with a lot of interest the Apple Corporation was formed and the Apple II was built and sold initially to a similar market, but quickly became a must have for business.

You will need to read the book to find out the rest.

Some criticism of the book are that it is written in a style that is almost talking to a friend at a local bar (lots of dude references). However, if you have ever heard Steve Wozniak talk in interviews, his writing style in the book is very much how he ‘dumbs down’ what is a highly technical subject for mere mortals. He has also taught classes advanced electronics to undergraduates. The writing style is accessible with many asides explaining the technical concepts.

This book also puts right a number of misconceptions about the man and the true timeline around the development of the Apple microcomputers.

If is wasn’t for the genius of Steve Wozniak, the personal computer might never have happened.

If you want to find out the true picture of how the PC indstry weas formed, you need to read this book as well as:

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