Book Review – Steve Jobs

This book was written by Walter Isacson with the full cooperation of everyone at Apple (at the time) as well as full access to Steve Jobs and his family. It was published shortly after Steve Jobs death in 2011.

It is a full account of Steve Jobs life, from his early days at school and how he met Steve Wozniak who was the hardware and software genius behind the early Apple PC’s. It also goes into the events around setting up Apple and the early versions of the Apple I followed by the Apple II and the incorporation of Apple Inc.

This is a warts and all version of Steve Jobs life, as it also goes into how brutal he was with employees that didn’t meet his high standards. This was ultimately the cause of him being ousted from the company, when he setup NeXt Computer ,and his eventual return to the company.

At this point the iPod was developed and became the defacto standard for mobile music playing as well as changed the game relating to music publishing giving rise to the likes of Spotify today. At this time the iPhone and iPad were also developed as were the new range of ‘funky’ mac computers.

Back in the 1970s, four people were at the centre of the PC revolution:

  • In Apple:
    • Steve Jobs
    • Steve Wozniak
  • In Microsoft:
    • Bill Gates
    • Paul Allen.

If is wasn’t for Jobs and Wozniak, the personal computer might never have happened, although there were other actors working on this at the time.

There were two films based on this book:

The former was an unofficial production, but in my view is the better one as it is more biographical. Aston Kutcher also does a really good job of playing Steve Jobs and picks up on a lot of the mannerisms.

The latter is the official production that was sanctioned by Steve Jobs estate and is in my opinion a study of his relationship with Chrisanne, his estranged girlfriend and mother to his daughter, and focuses around a few major product releases.

I recommend reading this book, together with the biography of Bill Gates, as this will give a more balanced view as to how the PC revolution came about and in some ways the reasons for the issues we now face around cyber security in the related products.

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