Book Review – Permanent Record

This book should be required reading for every child and adult on the planet.

I remember the original revelations in 2013 when the Snowden story broke. At the time the coverage was highly critical of his motivations and labelled him with a number of accusations. This book sets the record straight as to what motivated him to whistle blow on the NSA and CIA mass surveillance as well as complicit governments and intelligence community (IC) organizations around the globe. For many reasons I don’t fully agree with his decision to go public, but commend his courage for doing so as this is a matter that needed to be aired since it has been proven that the NSA and CIA were acting illegally and needed to be held to account.

The book is a full autobiography covering Snowden’s youth and how he became interested in technology, the impact of the 9/11 attacks and his subsequent employment by the CIA and NSA to present day in exile. A riveting read, and in some cases scary as to the power of the surveillance machine of the US IC programmes. The film ‘Snowden’ from 2016 (available on DVD) has several inaccuracies that this book has put straight.

I suggest everyone also watches Laura Poitras’ documentary (Citizen Four) which shows footage of the original disclosures.

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