Book Review – The Perfect Weapon

This is the book that for me lifted the lid on on cyber warfare. It starts out with the very first known cyber weapon – the Stuxnet Worm and quickly moves up to modern times and how cyber threats have emerged as a fifth sphere of warfare (Land, Air and Sea being the traditional ones with Space being added recently).

However, it is more than a history of cyber warfare as it discusses a lot of the privacy angles also evident as well as the current near and present danger in relation to nation states performing cyber attacks on other nation states in order to gather intelligence, commercial advantage and ultimately as a vehicle as a prelude to a full on military attack. The book suggests that warfare in these times can be waged from a computer terminal thousands of miles away and with the capability rendering a country ineffective.

This is a must read for anyone who has any doubts as to what is what is capable and available to the military.

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