Book Review – Gates

This book is the perfect counter to Walter Isaccson’s bio of Steve Jobs, giving a different perspective of the birth of modern computing.

This is very in depth account of the earlier life of Bill Gates and the events that lead to the formation of Microsoft with his co-founder Paul Allen.

This book was researched by the authors with the cooperation of Bill Gates, the people closest to him as well as Microsoft Executives. Having lived through this era, for me it set right some of the miss-reported facts from the time and in particular a counterpoint to the recollections from Steve Jobs.

The book only goes up to the late 90’s. Soon after Bill Gates left day-to-day involvement with Microsoft to spend more time on his philanthropic activities.

A must read for any one interested in modern day computing.

I can also recommend reading Walter Issacons’s biography of Steve Jobs since this provides a counter point views to those of Bill Gates.

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