Newsletter – August 2020


We have added a new Guidance category on Zero Trust concepts (several blogs in preparation). This is a concept that goes beyond the use of VPN’s for secure access to corporate resources when working remotely or at home. The general idea is that that the organisation no longer assumes that users, systems or services operating from within the security perimeter ( and for that include via a VPN) should be automatically trusted, and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access. We have isolated a number of blogs that support this concept and we will be blogging about this once our research is complete.

August blogs

Stories from the web

This is a selection of the newsworthy articles we saw reporting on a variety of security and privacy incidents and taken from our Twitter Feed.

Social Engineering:

Data Breaches:

Banned Services:

Malicious Apps & Extensions:

Malware & Security Threats:

Privacy Issues:

Ransomware Attacks:

Every week Bleeping Computer publish a report of all the Ransomware attacks happing that week. We usually re-tweet this on our Twitter feed (where a lot of threat intelligence can be gathered). For this month we will post the August bulletins here:

Site development news

All the usual updates on our blogs and guidance sections. This also includes:

  • Several Guidance pages have been updated:
    • Changed the headline picture for our guidance section
    • Extensive updates to our Glossary of Terms – this is an ongoing process, but this is a major back-fill from various sources as well as from our blogs
    • Added a new Guidance category on Zero Trust concepts (several blogs in preparation)
    • Re-branded our Twitter feed as a Threat Intelligence source
  • Removed the search function from the main menu as this is covered by other means.

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