New UK Coronavirus Test & Trace App in Trial

On the 13 August 2020 the UK government released a revised Contact Tracing app to be trailed on the Isle of White, the London Borough of Newham and NHS volunteer responders.

In addition to the Contact Tracing function it also has other features including:

  • An alert system that informs users of the coronavirus risk level close to their home, with the area defined by the first part of their postcode
  • A QR barcode scanner, so users can check in when they visit a venue and be told if others there later tested positive
  • A symptom-checking tool, which allows users to book a free test and get the results via the app
  • A countdown function that comes into effect if they are told to self-isolate, so users can keep track of how long to stay at home

This revised app is based on the Apple and Google developed technology that has already been deployed via the relevant app stores. You can’t install and use this app unless you are in the areas where the trial is going on.

The BBC have written this up more comprehensively that I can so I suggest you look at their article for more details.

You can also read our other blogs on this subject below for background and concerns we have regarding this technology:

Headline image provided by henry perks on Unsplash

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