COVID-19 Research by Kings College London

A study is being run by researchers at King’s College London into how the symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus develop and what this can tell us regarding how the virus attacks the body, vulnerable groups and how it spreads to quote a few of the outcomes.  You can read up about the study here.  One of the outcomes they are seeing is an early detection of hotspots, like Leicester, for which they need a lot more subscribers – hence this post.

When I first heard of this study I did a lot of research into them and determined that they appeared to be genuine – there were a lot of scam apps out there at the beginning of the pandemic and still are.

There is an Android and Apple iOS app in which you enter how you are feeling (health wise) each day and once a week they will offer an optional questionnaire on a set of wider symptoms, conditions and your general health.  If you suspect you have COVID-19, you can get an early test at a testing centre by reporting you are unwell that day. Some of the questions they ask are quite personal, and you have the option not to answer.

Some of you may be wary about providing this amount of personal information, which I think is justified. However, as with all matters relating to security and privacy you have to determine for yourself what risks you are willing to take and weigh up the benefits. My partner and I have both subscribed to this study since March 2020.

If you are a UK resident and interested in taking part (if only for the early testing capability), then install the app from the relevant app store (see the bottom of this page on their website for the direct links).

If you have any validated suspicions about this study, please contact us via our contact form and we will post additional guidance.

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