Typos & Other Such Errors in our Pages

We recently had a few comments on some typographic errors in one of our pages and thought I would tackle this head on.

We always take as much care as possible in drafting our web pages and posts to ensure that correct English grammar and spelling is used. We do use tools to help us with this. However occasionally one gets away from us.

Anyone who has done extensive writing professionally will understand that you often read what you think you wrote rather than what you wrote. This is the old phenomenon of being too close to the content – a wood for trees scenario. Having someone else proof read your document is often a good practice and in the mainstream publishing industry this is done extensively. We do our best with the resources we have available to make sure we don’t fall into too many traps.

If in reading one of our blogs, or web pages, you notice an error we would appreciate you telling us about it by contacting us either in a blog comment or via our Contact Form.

In reporting any such errors I ask you to consider the following:

  • We are based in the UK, and as such we use English and not one of the International variants (e.g. US English) which often use different spelling
  • Grammar in other countries may be different to what we use in England
  • Consider the context as we may be using a technical term that is not spelt in the usual form.

We hope you enjoy reading through our blogs and guidance pages. However we always welcome feedback.

Headline image by Celine Nadon on Unsplash

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