Fake Science!!

I have just listened to a podcast on the BBC Sounds service in which Fiona Hill discusses the issue of Fake Science and how this is being used to distort actual scientific fact to further political, social and religious extremist viewpoints.

It appears that extremist organizations, as well as political/nation state actors are cherry picking science and quoting it out of context to promote their own agenda on social media platforms. It also looks like that this ‘Fake Science’ can spread faster than the actual science it is based on through social media.

In the podcast (see below for a link), Fiona Hill covers a diverse set of topics ranging from Anti-Vaccination campaigns, countering the reality of climate change and political agendas.

I personally think this subject requires further research. Also, I believe the social media platforms also need to address this weaponisation of science. It’s not as if there isn’t established scientific publications the verify against in this case. As a person with a scientific background, I find this one of the most severe abuses of information out there.

I will leave you with the link to the podcast below so that you can establish your own opinion on this. Once my research is complete, I expect to be writing an extensive blog on this subject.

BBC Sounds Podcast – The Misinformation Virus by Fiona Hill – posted 17 December 2019.
Image copyright BBC Sounds.

Headline image provided by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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