1 Year Anniversary

On the 30th December 2018 we published our inaugural post on this site. For those who weren’t following us at this point, this was a A Review of Cyber Security in 2018. We will be publishing a similar review just before New Year 2019 as a means to re-enforce the lessons learnt from the failings in 2019.

At the outset of 2019 the future was not clear as to how this website would evolve. However, over the past year we have:

  • Published nearly 60 blogs on a variety of subjects in Cyber Security and Online Privacy
  • Introduced guidance sections on a variety of subjects
  • Produced an extensive glossary of cyber security terms
  • Introduced eBooks to serve as a persistent record of our published work.

The site, and associated Twitter page, was established with the objective of broadening awareness of Cyber Security and Online Privacy across the board and to do it in a way that was understandable by non-technical people. Awareness can only be raised by engaging with people at their level. 

2020 will bring forth more blogs on Cyber Security and Online Privacy, and it is intended to keep these free to access. However, something we started in November of 2019 was the publishing of eBooks on various subjects in Cyber Security and Online Privacy that will act as a more persistent record of our guidance and will be maintained over time as new material comes to us. It is intended to publish these on the Amazon Kindle store as well as other formats as allows. We have 5 major eBooks in production and more to come on this in the New Year.

We all hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs throughout 2019 and also hope that you will continue to follow us both on Twitter and here on our main website.

It only remains to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous (and safe) New Year in 2020.

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