Industrial Hacking

I don’t normally comment on specific news stories on here (that is what our Twitter account is for), but this one was of particular interest.

Earlier this year an Israeli intelligence expert named Tal Dilian (co-founder of Circles Technologies – a surveillance firm) showed off his van with surveillance equipment worth $9 million in Cyprus. The claim was that the equipment in this van could hack pretty much any smart phone and/or device.

I suggest you watch this Forbes interview to get the full story and read the referenced articles.

The source article can be found on HackRead and the Forbes article here.

The point I want to make here is not that the van exists, but the awareness that technology exists that is easily available, for the right price on the open market, to Law Enforcement and the Intelligence community at large to be able to break into almost any device you own. The fact that this equipment exists also means that it could fall into the hands of malicious actors.

This isn’t some dark net service, this is commerce!

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