New Feature – e-Books

This is not one of our typical blogs.

We are announcing a new feature on our website today. We intend to compile and publish a number of e-books providing guidance on a number of topics in Cyber Security and Privacy.

At this point this is a proof of concept (POC) to see if this approach of distributing guidance relating to cyber security is viable, and your comments are welcome using the form on our e-Books page.

Our Guidance sections form a collection of related blogs. However, whereas the blogs are written at a point in time, with the material available at the time of writing, it is intended that the e-Books published on this site (and elsewhere) will be expanded upon as new material is presented and with expanded explanations. They will also be standalone references with their own glossary and supporting material.

The e-Books are published only in PDF format at this point, but it is intended to publish in the Kindle format in the new year (2020). For the moment these e-Books are free, but as we expand into Kindle e-Books there will be a nominal charge to cover the publishing costs.

At this point only one e-Book is available, but more are coming over the next few weeks. Keep an eye open on our blog and on the e-Books page for further updates.

Headline photo provided by Felix Lichtenfeld from Pixabay

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