Windows 7 Updates (Updated)

UPDATED 31 May 2019 If you are still on Windows 7, and a corporate without an exit strategy, you need to take note of two things: Window's 7 ceases extended support in January 2020, after which you won't get any security patchesUpdates happening in the next few months, if not applied, will stop your security... Continue Reading →

Privacy Changes in Google Chrome

I apologise for the rather technical nature of this post, but it is necessary to get across the point I am trying to make. Same-Site Cookies The HTTP protocol that our web browsers uses is stateless, which means that the browser and the resulting webpage don't natively know where you have come from, or what... Continue Reading →

Android 10 Security and Privacy Updates

Every year around May Google host their global developer conference. This is the venue where developers, and consumers alike, hear about new features provided by Google services and OS's. In the Keynote they normally make most of the main announcements for new features and products, and in this blog I want to focus in on... Continue Reading →

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