Windows 7 Updates

If you are still on Windows 7, and a corporate without an exit strategy, you need to take note of two things:

  • Window’s 7 ceases extended support in January 2020, after which you won’t get any security patches
  • Updates happening in the next few months, if not applied, will stop your updates in July 2019.

You need to look at this blog post from Microsoft for more details for the second point above.

If you are an enterprise, you will be able to get security updates past January 2020 if you are on the Enterprise or Pro SKU’s, but you will have to pay on a per device basis and only for another three years. See this post on ZDNet by Mary Jo Foley for the details. These details have not been generally released, but some Microsoft partners and sales people have been briefed and were leaked so these prices may not be final and also may depend on your current licencing deal with Microsoft.

If you are a consumer, on a version of Windows 7 (Pro or Home, or one of the many other SKU’s they released), your support dries up in January 2020 and there is no option to extend support. Your best option is to upgrade to a PC with Windows 10. In time your AV software will also go unsupported, so times-a-ticking.

Regarding the second point above, the advisories I have seen so far indicate that these changes will occur as part of the normal Windows Update cycle for consumers, but I will be monitoring this and update this posting if this changes.

Feature updates for windows 7 stopped 5 years ago, so don’t expect anything further on this front going forward.

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