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4 December 2021 – Site Redevelopment and Rebranding

Windows 11

What’s just happened? On 24th June 2021 Microsoft announced their new version of Windows – Windows 11. When Windows 10 was release in 2015, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Jerry Nixon said that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows. The assumption was that Windows would be enhanced going forward with Feature Updates. Microsoft have… Continue Reading →

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Book Review – Digital Fortress

As with any book featuring technology, reading it 20+ years after it was written things are going to feel a little dated. But get past that and the story premise is quite interesting. This is Dan browns first book, so some latitude is allowed when comparing to his more recent books. The story line was… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Angels & Demons

I have seen the film adaption of Dan Browns book several times. This book is different to the film adaption, so knowing the film isn’t going to detract from enjoying this story. The main steps in the book are followed in the film adaption, but there are some interesting twists that were not included in… Continue Reading →

Supply Line Attacks

It doesn’t matter whether you are a consumer or a large corporation, you can’t hope to produce everything you need on a daily basis. You can’t produce enough food to feed yourself, and a company can’t build all the operating systems and applications to run its business. We all depend on suppliers of some form,… Continue Reading →

What I Use – Backups

We have blogged extensively on how and why you should backup your data. However, as we have all gone to a more remote working scenario due to current events, it is even more important to ensure your valuable data is backed up. During the pandemic we have seen an increase in cyber attacks, and in… Continue Reading →

Cyber Security Kill Chain

In our recent blog post “Multi-Phase Cyber Attacks” we described how cyber attacks are often not a single instance but part of a planned attack that can be sustained over several months, even years. An attack may only become apparent when the cyber attacker makes themselves known through some form of visible attack, a security… Continue Reading →

Book Review – I Woz

Steve Wozniak was the co-founder of Apple, but arguably one of the most notable engineers responsible for kickstarting the modern PC era. Steve Wozniac grew up in Silicon Valley (before it was called that). From an early age was interested in electronics and with the help of his father (an electronics engineer himself) built a… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Paul Allen Idea Man

Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates. This book is an autobiography of his life both before meeting Bill Gates, during the Microsoft days and after he left to follow other pursuits. He was born in 1953 and was two years older than Bill Gates. As this is written by Paul Allen… Continue Reading →

Risks Associated with Ghost/Inactive Accounts

Ghost accounts, depending on context, have various definitions. A Ghost Account can be: A social media account made solely to view other people’s content An inactive account that is still live but has either been forgotten about or is seldom used. Ghost Social Media Accounts People make ghost accounts on social media platforms for a… Continue Reading →


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